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 Danny's Exhibit

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PostSubject: Danny's Exhibit   Danny's Exhibit EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 9:47 pm

Here is some of my work
Danny's Exhibit PokemonTrainer
This is my Very first sig =D i mean sig that I made I didn't use it cause I don't use PT

Danny's Exhibit ToonLinkSigSL
Sig I made For someone

Danny's Exhibit YoshiSig
Sig i Made for myself

Danny's Exhibit KirbySig
Sig i made out of boredom =o

Danny's Exhibit Luigi
I tried using a actual picture for a background and this is how it came out

Danny's Exhibit ShadowLucarioSig
Another sig for Shadow Lucario

Danny's Exhibit DiddyKongSig
Diddy Kong Sig

Danny's Exhibit PikaSig
And i made this to try out my brushes and Fonts
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Danny's Exhibit
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