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 How to join The New Souls.

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Rayman 1110

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How to join The New Souls. Empty
PostSubject: How to join The New Souls.   How to join The New Souls. EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 2:04 pm

This is the layout, just fill this out if you want to join.

What Game: ( Example- COD4)
Real name: (Example- Ray)
E-Mail: (Example-
Gamertag: (Example- Rayman 1110)
why you want to join The New Souls: (Example- Because one of my friends say that this clan is great and one of the most friendliest clans ever. So I thought to join the clan.)
Some details about yourself: (Example- Low skilled 19 year old)
What you can do for the clan: ((Example- I own a game server and can give that to TNS) OR (Example- I can get a IRC Channel to TNS)
Other: (Example- I know very much about managing game server)

If your post contains all of this information. Then you have just made it into the roster, but you must wait until some of the higher ranked members see this aplication. So they can add you to the roster.
Well you will be added as a Initiate into the roster!
So now you need to earn your way up to higher ranks.
But this is the most important for you. You need to be a trainy for a week, so you need to play with the TNS members until then. When the week is over then the new ranking system will promote you to a higher rank as will be a soldier. After you join put your clan tag as TNS.

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How to join The New Souls.
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